Three Lives (ogg) / Normal Bias (ogg) / Cats Don't Care (ogg) / Fuzz Box (ogg) / Snakes (ogg) / Who Invented Tape? (ogg) / SCARY TREE (ogg) / Tone Boat (ogg) / Fish (ogg) / Floating Point (ogg) / Sleep (ogg) / Type IV (ogg)

Zip of all of the vorbis files

This is actually an album (the tracks run together), so you will want to play it using something capable of gapless playback (NOT ITUNES.) I recommend foobar2000 for Windows and xmms with xmms-crossfade (set to gapless mode) on Linux or other fine actual operating systems. I'll have MP3s up in a bit for those of you that hate excellent codecs with odd names, and a cuesheet and FLAC at some point for those of you who want to burn CDs. Album art will probably be up tomorrow.