Studiomaster 16-4-2 console (1985/2010) TAPE DECKS 2x Fostex R8 8-track 1/4 inch (1993/2010) Fostex XR5 4-track cassette (~1995/2006) Tascam 488 8-track cassette (~1992/2008) Tascam 414 4-track cassette (~200x/2009) Pioneer RT-701 2-track 1/4 inch (~1978/2005) Nakamichi 480 2-track cassette (~1978/2008) Marantz PMD222 mono cassette (~199x/2008) KEYBOARDS/SYNTHS/SAMPLERS Akai AX60 (~1986/2006) Analog polysynth used on most recordings since late 2006 Akai S612 (~1986/2007) Sampler unit that mates with AX60 Roland D5 (~1989/2003) Sounds awful, used only as a controller and for drums Yamaha FB01 (~?/2007) Great 4-op FM sounds, same chip as old arcade games Yamaha PSS-470 (~?/2007) Insane FM toy keyboard with synth sliders, OPL2 chip inside Casio MT-100 (~1985/1998) My favorite toy keyboard ever, used on almost everything ever recorded Casio SK-1 (~1985/2007) Toy sampler, replaced sound ROM with custom samples (saxophone, strings, piano) Casio CZ-5000 (~1985/2010) Professional phase-distortion synthesizer Yamaha YC-20 (~1972/2010) An actual combo organ, at last MFOS Soundlab (built 2006) Used for stupid synth effects and lead lines, doesn't stay in tune (is that a bad thing?) DRUM MACHINES E-mu Drumulator (~1983/2008) Replaced the sample ROMs with my own sounds Roland TR-505 (~198x/2010) EFFECTS/SIGNAL PROCESSING Digitech RDS7.6 digital delay (~?/2008) Awesome delay line Digitech RP100 multieffect (~2002/2007) I use this mainly for the pitch shifter Peavey Univerb II digital reverb (?/2009) I don't use this it sounds gross Behringer MDX1200 compressor (~1998/2010) Hey it was really cheap ART 341 dual 10-band EQ (~?/2010) Vanco GE-110 dual 10-band EQ (~1979/2009) Great trashy sounding EQ, less hiss since I changed the opamps Tascam PB-32P patchbay (~?/2009) This doesn't make any sound Shure M267 mic preamp/mixer (~?/2009) The opto limiter in here is excellent Guitar effects (most of the time used as regular effects:) DOD FX90 analog (BBD) delay (~198x/2005) Excellent analog delay, was the main delay on most of my old stuff DOD FX80B compressor (~198x/2005) Arion SPH-1 phaser (2007/2007) Arion MCH-2 chorus (2007/2007) Vox wah pedal (~200x/2010) Boss DS-1 distortion (~199x/2010) Stuff I built (BUG SOUND): Shin-Ei fuzz clone (2010) also guitar effects BUG VERB MkIV spring reverb system (2006-2010) Opto limiter (2008) PT2399 delay line (2008) QS/Pro-Logic II matrix encoder (2010)