mfg in Waco, TX, USA 1988-89
soldering iron holder / audio tech, recording engineer
I fix 20th-century electronic detritus and commit plunks and beeps to magnetic tape once in a while

owner and operator of fictitious zonk-rock construct "SLUGBUG" 2003-present
Lead synth / pro audio tech at Switched On Music Electronics, Austin, TX Oct 2010 - Feb 2018

was in Austin groups Pataphysics, the Tucker A&M Perry Foundation
toured w/ Gary Wilson & the Blind Dates (bass & micromoog), EU, USA 2013 - 15
toured w/ Ariel Pink (keyboards & gtr), west coast USA, EU, UK, Russia, Israel 2018

bench tech at Main Drag Music Jul 2018 - March 2020
freelance audio engineer & tech, New York City 2018 - present

Factory-unauthorized component level repair on vintage Arp/Moog/SCI/Roland/Korg/Yamaha etc synths, mono thru 24 track analog tape decks, space echos, studio outboard gear, Early Digital
Arcane problem-solving abilites, questionable social graces
I don't work on tube amps or home cassette decks anymore

Recording, mixing, mastering without computers

Analog to digital audio transfer & restoration
(33.3 / 45 microgroove, stereo, 4-track, 8-track cassette, any format 1/4" reel, 16T 1", VHS Hi-Fi, Sony PCM-F1 [601ESD direct digital])

Youtube stuff
Instagram nonsense

Get the man on the horn:
(718) 635-2136


(recorded and mixed unless otherwise noted): discogs link

Slugbug "0xBAADF00D" LP, 16-track 1", 2020
RAMBO s/t LP, 16-track 1", 2020
Julie Hill s/t LP, 16-track 1", 2020 (also played bass/gtr)
Sailor Poon's First Album: an Album by Sailor Poon, 16-track 1", 2020
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "The Doldrums" "House Arrest" "Worn Copy" reissues (tape archiving, audio restoration, mixing/EQ/assembly) 2019
Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera "Devil's Juice" 12", mixdown to 1/4", 2019
Macula Dog "Breezy" EP, 16-track 1", 2019
Attic Ted "Kafka Dreaming" LP, 16-track 1", 2019
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Underground" "Loverboy" "Oddities Sodomies vol. 2" (tape archiving, audio restoration, mixing/EQ/assembly) 2018
Pataphysics "The Future of Synth-Rock" LP, 16-track 1", 2018
Sailor Poon "B-Sides and Rarities" CS, 16-track 1", 2016
Gary Wilson "Gary Saw Linda Last Night Kissing John Cage" LP (synth, vinyl pre-mastering) 2017
Attic Ted "Parade Dust Mischief" LP, 16-track 1", 2016
Gary Wilson "Music for Piano" (tape transfer/restoration) 2016
Slugbug "Stupid Rock" EP, 16-track 1", 2016
Pataphysics "My Phone's About To Die" CS, 8-track 1/4" & 16-track 1", 2015
Ichi Ni San Shi "Maybe Mobile" CD, 16-track 1", 2015
Spiked Punch "Death of a Mango" (remix only) 2015
Big Bill "The Second Bill" EP (with Tim Bond) 16- track 1", 2014
Basketball Shorts "Total BS EP" (remix only) 2014
Tucker A&M Perry Foundation "A Gift From The," 8-track 1/4", 16-track 1", 2014
Tele Novella "No Excalibur" 7", 8-track 1/4", 2014
The Mole People "Lost Age" LP,
8-track 1/4", 16-track 1", 2014
Ichi Ni San Shi "Slow Truth" LP,
8-track 1/4", 2013
Slugbug "Truck Month", 8-track cassette,
8-track 1/4" 2012
Os Ovni "Holographic Dreams" 12",
8-track 1/4", 2011
Whale Watch 12",
8-track 1/4", 2011
Slugbug & Pataphysics split 7",
8-track 1/4", 2011
Slugbug "Pointless Journey" CD, 8-track cassette, 2009
Slugbug "Shoe-Eatin' Time" CD, 4-track cassette, 2006

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